Did You Watch the Tiger King? Read This!

As a veterinarian, I care about the health and welfare of all animals—not just the ones I treat. Which is why I am writing to you today to ask a personal favor. Chances are you’ve seen, or at least heard about, The Tiger King. This Netflix documentary focused on Joe Exotic, a big cat breeder and hoarder who exploited and abused tigers and other exotic animals at his “zoo” in Oklahoma. What the program failed to focus on was the terrible living conditions of his animals, and what has happened to the tigers since that time. Luckily, many of Joe Exotic’s […]

Vaccines: Your Pet’s Best Shot

Did you add a new dog or kitty to the family recently? If so, don’t forget it’s important for new pets to visit the vet as soon as possible after they come home with you. At Animal Medical Center of the Cascades, we believe in vaccinations as a cornerstone of your animal companion’s lifelong good health. Vaccinations are particularly essential for young puppies and kittens, who do not have full immunity from many serious and highly contagious diseases. Not sure if your pet’s shots are current? Give us a call and we can tell you and then make an appointment if […]

Parasites Don’t Shelter-in-Place

If you’re doing a lot more dog-walking these days, that’s great—but it also means your pet is more exposed to fleas and ticks! Fleas can cause itching, anemia and hotspots; ticks can transmit Lyme disease and other nasty illnesses, many of which can be transmitted to humans. Mosquitoes and the heartworm they carry are also a concern here, and it only takes one bite to infect a pet with a life-threatening illness. Most pets don’t show symptoms until the disease is advanced and while there is treatment, it’s expensive and can be hard on your pet. Don’t take the chance […]

Staying Strong For Your Pets

The core of our mission is to be here when your pets need us—and now is no exception! We’re doing everything possible to make sure that you and our team stay safe. Our business hours remain the same, but we continue our policy to limit the number of people in our hospital to 10 to help minimize human contact. We would like to also stress that if you are actively sick, showing symptoms of a respiratory infection, or have been exposed to COVID-19 that you please stay home ands call us at 571-434-0250 so that we can best determine how to help your pet. […]

Coronavirus Updates

Our Hospital is Open With Precautions in Place to Keep You & Your Pets Safe As the situation with the Coronavirus pandemic progresses, we are now limited to just 10 people or less (including our doctors and staff) in our hospital. With the rising threat of COVID-19 and recent mandates to restrict crowd interactions, we have implemented a new temporary policy to restrict clients from gathering in our lobby. At this time, our hospital remains open and is operating under regular business hours, but with restrictions. Pets that arrive for all grooming, boarding and simple technician appointments will be transferred to an AMCC […]