Rabies: A Perennial Threat to Our Pet Population

With a flurry of news stories about our neighbors being exposed to rabies, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind our clients about the importance of getting your pet vaccinated against the condition. Chances are you don’t think about the rabies virus since dogs and cats are vaccinated. Because of these vaccinations, the disease is not as common or widespread as in the past. Fortunately, it is fairly simple and inexpensive to keep your pets and your family safe. Make sure your pets, including those living primarily indoors, are vaccinated! Common carriers of the disease include skunks, raccoons, foxes and bats; which can easily […]

Year-Round Prevention is Your Pet’s Best Defense Against Parasites

Given the string of oddly warm days we’ve experienced this winter and with spring just around the corner, it’s time to talk fleas and ticks. These pests flourish in our climate, and contrary to popular opinion, these parasites aren’t just annoying. Fleas can transmit tapeworm and cause anemia, while ticks are well-known carriers of many harmful conditions, including Lyme disease. As for heartworm, one bite from a mosquito is all it takes to infect your pet. Sadly, many animals don’t show symptoms until the disease is advanced, if at all. While there is treatment for canines, it is expensive and […]

New Year, Fresh Start for Your Pet!

Working hard to stay true to your list of New Year’s resolutions? You’ll want to remember to make resolutions for your pets as well. We’ve broken down a few goals you might want to make for your best friend in the new year. Read on for diet, exercise, training, and preventative care tips for a healthy and happy 2020! Diet: Cut out the table food. Our pet food is sufficient to maintain a healthy balance of calories, fats, vitamins, and minerals. If you are feeding your pet human snacks, try giving them small amounts of healthy, low-calorie bland foods, such as […]

Happy National Pet Dental Health Month!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and at Animal Medical Center of the Cascades we’re marking this important occasion by shining a light on your pet’s pearly – or not so pearly – whites and the many products you can use to keep your best friend smiling between vet visits. There’s a reason the veterinary community devotes an entire month to pet dental health. Your pet’s teeth are directly tied to their overall well-being, and even young pets can suffer the beginning stages of dental disease. Did you know that, by age three, 80% of dogs and 70% of […]

What You Should Know About Cancer and Your Pet

It’s a scary statistic: The Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF) reports that one in four dogs, and one in five cats, will develop cancer in their lifetime—in fact, it’s the leading cause of death for dogs over the age of two. During November at the Animal Medical Center of Cascades, we observe Pet Cancer Awareness Month, which was created by the ACF to raise awareness of the prevalence, symptoms and treatments for cancer in our companion animals.  As veterinarians, it is our sworn oath to protect and heal pets. Therefore, we’ve compiled a helpful list of things that you should be aware of regarding […]