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Area boarding facilities are reporting outbreaks of Canine Upper Respiratory Disease. This is typically caused by a combination of respiratory viruses and bacteria but does include the possibility of Kennel Cough and Canine Influenza.

We recommend limiting unnecessary contact with dogs in the neighborhood if at all possible during the upcoming weeks.

All the best, The team at AMC

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Vaccines: Your Pet’s Best Shot

Vaccines: Your Pet’s Best Shot

Did you add a new dog or kitty to the family recently? If so, don’t forget it’s important for new pets to visit the vet as soon as possible after they come home with you. At Animal Medical Center of the Cascades, we believe in vaccinations as a cornerstone of your animal companion’s lifelong good health. Vaccinations are particularly essential for young puppies and kittens, who do not have full immunity from many serious and highly contagious diseases.
Not sure if your pet’s shots are current? Give us a call and we can tell you and then make an appointment if needed. With so many people putting off routine care for their pets right now, it sets the stage for an outbreak of parvovirus, distemper and even rabies—so it’s vital your pet stay up to date.
You can schedule vaccination appointments online or just give us a call at 571-434-0250!