Would You Know If Your Pet Was in Pain?

Maybe your pet is panting more than usual…or she doesn’t want to jump up on the cat tree…or he’s licking an area on his leg all the time. These symptoms are signs that your pet is in pain—and by the time they’re showing you those behaviors, there’s a good chance they have been uncomfortable for quite a while. Pets often instinctively hide pain, and that’s why September has been designated as Animal Pain Awareness Month. The goal is to help pet parents recognize the signs of pain in their animal companions and learn about therapies available to help them. While […]

Welcome Sarah to the Team

Please join us in welcoming the latest addition to the AMC of Cascades medical team – Sarah Taylor! A native of Virginia, Sarah grew up in Woodbridge and has resided in Centreville for the past 15 years. She has been in the veterinary field for over 17 years and began in a small animal mixed practice in high school where she quickly realized her love for felines.  After graduating and obtaining her Veterinary Technician License in 2010, she began work with a veterinary dental specialist and became certified by the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC)  as a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Dentistry in 2016. The AVDC is recognized […]

Clear Your Cats Schedule on August 22nd

…because it’s Take Your Cat to The Vet Day! According to the American Humane Society, our feline companions go to the veterinarian about half as often as dogs. Many people only take their cat to the vet when he or she is sick—and often, that illness might have been avoided with preventive care. While it’s true that cats can be low-maintenance pets compared to dogs, they still need routine wellness care including exams, vaccines and preventive medications to stay healthy. Plus, when we see cats regularly, we establish a baseline for their health and can often identify changes and diagnose diseases before […]

Check That Chip!

One of the worst feelings to experience as a pet owner is realizing your pet has gone missing. Considering only 17% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats make it back to their owners, it can often feel like you may never see your pet again.  We want to take this opportunity to share more information on why microchipping is so important: Unlike collars and tags, microchips cannot fall off and get lost. It’s with your pet for life. Microchipping a pet is inexpensive and super simple: a veterinary technician injects the tiny chip between your pet’s shoulder blades. […]

Helping Your Pet Breathe Easier

Summer has many joys for pets—but many also get the summertime breathing blues. Heat, humidity and pollen inflame allergies and chronic respiratory conditions, and contagious illnesses become common as families board their pets while they go on vacation or take them to dog parks more often. Some viral issues, such as canine influenza (CIV) and bordetella (kennel cough) can be prevented by keeping your pet’s vaccinations current. We highly recommend kennel cough vaccines for any dog who will be in close contact with other dogs. We also have the CIV vaccine available should there be an outbreak here or wherever […]