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Area boarding facilities are reporting outbreaks of Canine Upper Respiratory Disease. This is typically caused by a combination of respiratory viruses and bacteria but does include the possibility of Kennel Cough and Canine Influenza.

We recommend limiting unnecessary contact with dogs in the neighborhood if at all possible during the upcoming weeks.

All the best, The team at AMC

Animal Medical Center of Cascades 571-434-0250
On Their Own Again

On Their Own Again

If you’re headed back to work after staying home for COVID-19 precautions, your dog may have some trouble adjusting. After spending long periods of time together, being on their own may be difficult for some pets.

Watch for signs of stress and anxiety and try these tips to help them adjust to being alone again:

Exercise. With less time for long walks with you, your pup may appreciate doggie daycare or visits from a dog walker to provide stimulation while you’re at work. Dogs need to be up to date on all vaccines and parasite preventive for doggie daycare, so if they’re needed, schedule an appointment by calling (571) 434-0250 and get your pet up-to-date.

Low-key departures and arrivals. When leaving for more than a few minutes, stay calm and relaxed so your pup doesn’t become over excited. If you act like it’s not a big deal, he may act the same way. When you return, keep things low key. That will make it easier for him the next time you need to leave.

Enrichment. If you give your pup a stuffed Kong or other yummy treat, he’ll associate your leaving with something good. Leave treats around the house for him to find and try to leave him in a space that has a view of the outside.

With some careful planning, you can help your dog adjust smoothly to life after the COVID-19 lockdown.