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To offer your pet the highest level of care, AMCC offers diagnostic ultrasound examinations as a non-invasive way to evaluate the abdominal cavity and internal organs. Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Broyles have ultrasound training and certification from the renowned NAVC Institute in Orlando, Florida.

Ultrasonography uses sound waves to generate pictures of organs, tissues, and other interior systems in your pet’s body. “Soft tissue” issues, such as those involving the gastrointestinal, heart, and nervous systems, are usually identified with ultrasound, as it essentially shows the vet three-dimensional images of these areas. The images produced can provide valuable information for diagnosing and directing treatment of various diseases.

Ultrasounds are normally painless and so anesthesia is not necessary while the scan is being performed. Occasionally if the pet is very frightened or anxious, a sedative may be necessary, but this is rare.

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