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Area boarding facilities are reporting outbreaks of Canine Upper Respiratory Disease. This is typically caused by a combination of respiratory viruses and bacteria but does include the possibility of Kennel Cough and Canine Influenza.

We recommend limiting unnecessary contact with dogs in the neighborhood if at all possible during the upcoming weeks.

All the best, The team at AMC

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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Animal Medical Center of Cascades proudly offers PRP stem cell therapy for your pet. In cooperation with MediVet Biologics, we utilize Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) for dogs and cats suffering from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia and other degenerative diseases. Combined with cold laser therapy, this incredible and affordable medical technology has been shown to be extremely effective, with owners reporting improvements in three to ten days after treatment.

PRP stem cell therapy is minimally invasive and uses the animal’s own adult stem cells from fat tissue to heal and repair, therefore there are no ethical or FDA issues. It is extremely safe and if you have pet insurance, they may cover up to 80% of the cost.

Regenerative medicine procedures for orthopedic conditions have recently been performed on popular human athletes. We now have the capabilities to offer the same kinds of services to our furry patients as well. Plasma and stem cell treatments allow for a natural process to speed healing time and reduce inflammation, improving general well-being of the patients.  Now animal owners seeking affordable relief for their pets have a new cutting edge and affordable option in regenerative medicine.

Owners report improvements in range of motion and mobility in three to ten days.  The stem cells will continue healing from weeks to months and the effects last a year or more.  Depending on the extent of the joint injury and the age of the animal when they first receive regenerative medicine, some animals may need periodic treatment.

If you are interested in this cutting edge therapy please call Animal Medical Center of Cascades. We would be happy to have the opportunity to help your pet live a more comfortable, happy life!