Did You Watch the Tiger King? Read This!

As a veterinarian, I care about the health and welfare of all animals—not just the ones I treat. Which is why I am writing to you today to ask a personal favor.

Chances are you’ve seen, or at least heard about, The Tiger King. This Netflix documentary focused on Joe Exotic, a big cat breeder and hoarder who exploited and abused tigers and other exotic animals at his “zoo” in Oklahoma.

What the program failed to focus on was the terrible living conditions of his animals, and what has happened to the tigers since that time.

Luckily, many of Joe Exotic’s big cats were rescued by The Wild Animal Sanctuary just outside Denver. This accredited 2,000-acre refuge is home to more than 520 lions, tigers, bears and wolves, all now living free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Here’s the ask: this amazing organization is now struggling to stay afloat. My request is that you will join me in making a donation of whatever amount you can afford to help them continue to feed and care for these beautiful animals who previously suffered so much.

I realize that this is a difficult time for everyone, and that there are many places that are deserving of your generosity. However, if you watched The Tiger King, I hope you will remember the innocent victims of this story and support them now.

Dr. DeAnna Mitchell