Parasites Gone Wild

Spring Flea and Tick Prevention

Know who else loves to be on the move when it’s warmer? Fleas and ticks! Problem is, their favorite vacation spot is your pet…and you if they get close enough.

These pests are more than just annoying: fleas can transmit tapeworm and cause anemia, while ticks are well-known carriers of many diseases, including Lyme—check out our recent blog post for a complete (and frightening!) list of the many tick-borne diseases found in our area.

Even more frightening? Once these parasites are on your furry friend, it’s a short trip aboard the “pet express” to your home and family.

That’s why keeping your animal companions on year-round flea and tick preventive is so important. We carry a variety of products to stop these parasites, and our vets can recommend which one is best for your pet and your budget.

If you have questions about parasite prevention or want to get your pet in for a consultation, call us at 571-434-0250.