Microchip Pet Identification


RESQ ID Microchips provide owners with peace of mind. Losing a pet, whether it is a result of a door that has inadvertently been left open or a natural disaster, is a traumatic experience. Owners who have micro-chipped their pet have a much better chance of having that pet returned quickly and safely.

A microchip is a small metal object that is inserted by a veterinarian under your pet’s skin. Each chip has a unique identification number that can be read via a scanner held over the body. The identification number is registered with a company that maintains a database of information including the owner’s name, address, contact numbers, and any health issues the pet may have.

At AMC, we have chosen to use the RESQ ID chip for several reasons. RESQ chips can be read by any scanner compliant with the International Organization for Standardization. The owner incurs only a one-time fee when the chip is placed – RESQ does not charge any maintenance fees or fees to update information.

Thousands of pets have been reunited with their families that have been implanted with the RESQ ID chip.


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